Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mindless Sheep

Dusting this ole thing off from the virtual bookshelf.  Imagine a large cloud of dust and me in a coughing fit. That's how long I've neglected this blog.

Funnily enough, it seems blogging is of my generation or there-about. Now a days it's about social media and instant sharing. Facebook and Twitter are the norms, and probably on the way out. Email seems like outdated tech.

Speaking of outdated, I've decided to join the mindless sheepdom of Apple-fans. You see, I've always have my dino-phone, the R306:

It's decent, but not great. Reception is horrible. But at least it works. But then recently I believe it has been rejecting incoming calls. Frankly, I don't trust it. Or that is just my excuse.

So the iPhone5 debut itself, and after hemming and hawing, I was convinced to just get it by the wife. At the cost of a visit to a fabric sale which she spent about an hour inside.

I made the preorder yesterday. Already I feel hip. I think I just sold my soul.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Systems online.

So I've decided to reactivate this blog from the recess of the internet. So not sure if this is a good idea or not. Since Facebook and everything in between started becoming popular, I don't think people really spend their time writing or reading blogs.

Pretty much, if you follow my Facebook page (by the way, Timeline just makes my status updates look weird), you'll know almost everything about me.

So what's been happening since the last, say, 3 years from the last post (I re-read it again, mmmmm... loved that Christmas dinner) ?

Nothing much, except I've changed jobs at least twice. I suppose I am happy - that's the whole point isn't it? But I think I'm still finding my way. Looking at my practice (<--- so is it practice or practise? Someone enlighten me!) it seems like I'm back at square one.  I'm starting my own small group meetings and oh yes... I have a house!

Yes, a goddamn house!! I pay mortgage! If that's not a sobering reminder that I'm not young anymore (DAMMIT!) then, I don't know what will.

Anyways, back to my line of thought. I'm rediscovering my faith again. Feel like a damn newbie.

But I suppose that's what makes life worth living. You can always restart and grow and expand even further - spiritually I mean - I know that I'm expanding sideways physically, no need to tell me that!

We'll see how we go with this blog. For now I leave you with one advice:

GO WATCH THE WALKING DEAD!!! Zombies and all seems to make me happy for some reason... hmmmm...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Season to be jolly! (With a big fat belly)

I think I took my longest road trip by my Demon-car this year on Christmas.  I popped on over to my brother's in Canberra with a couple of my mates.

The drive itself... well, let's just say it was great! Mainly two lane highways at 110.  Even the roads are better in the Melbourne-Sydney direction.  Surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded on the roads on Christmas eve. I had always thought there'll be tons of people making a last minute dash to their families.  But apparently nobody wants to go to Canberra for Christmas - in fact, it's a dead city on Christmas day.

We did a drive through on Christmas morning in Canberra - there was no view. Just because it started raining. So the clouds and the misty rain blocked the nice greenery.

On the other hand I had a great family Christmas.  Some what, 'cause it's mainly my brother's family & friends and me & my friends. But I must say - it was a filling Christmas.  I'm stuffed. I'll won't describe the food - I'll show you!

Breakfast started out with this awesome Egg Benedict. A nice rasher of bacon is hidden underneath!

But wait! There's more! A rich berry muffin.... mmmmm....

 For lunch... it was a large spread! We start off with the Chicken roasting on a spit.


 Then the ham, roasted vegies and taters with the awesome gravy - and we must not forget the pork!

It took another hour or two before we digested enough food to start dessert. It was Robbie's famous alky fruit cake marinated since June 2009 and truffles.


We went and unwrapped presents afterwards - but I was in a near food coma so everything seems like a blur after the cake.  We had a great Pictionary night - great laughs and fun all around.  So all in all, I think this was one of my first traditional Christmas.  All my other ones were usually a night out in town with a few mates.  It was a nice change... too bad my wife couldn't come along. She stayed back in Melbourne to earn some extra moolah... apparently they pay double on Christmas day - which isn't too bad at all - makes it easier for us to purchase house stuff next year! ^.^  Thank you wifey!! *muaks*

So a Merry Christmas to all!